Every person has some belly fat, even those ones with flat abs and that is normal. But too much of it can affect the health. That fat is deeper fat and it is called visceral fat.
We need some of it as it provides cushioning around our organs but if it is too much it may cause certain cancers (colon and breast), dementia, heart disease, type-2 diabetes and high blood pressure.
It is an active part of our bodies that makes many nasty substances, according to the assistant professor of endocrinology and metabolism, K. Hairston, MD at the Wake Forest School of Medicine. If there is too much of this fat, the body stores it in unusual places.
According to the professor of pathology and comparative medicine, C. Shively, PhD at the Wake Forest School of Medicine, people with increased obesity whose regular areas of storing fat are full deposit it around the heart and into the organs.

Eliminating the belly bulge is very important as the visceral fat surrounds the organs and puffs the stomach like a “beer belly” and it is a predictor of some cancers, insulin resistance, type-2 diabetes and heart disease. If a diet or exercises have not done anything to reduce the fay, then the reason may be some genetic factor, the age or the hormones.

Get Rid Of Your Belly Fat While Sleeping With This Simple Bedtime Drink!

It is very important to lose that fat naturally. Some of you may not believe what they read but these drinks really help. Do not judge if after one glass of the drinks don’t give you the wanted results.
The detoxification is great for the body as it gives you a clean system to absorb the nutrients. When you consume healthy and clean food through your clean system, you build a wall that backs off the diseases. It is a natural drink that will make you lose body fat, strengthen the immune system and boost the metabolism.

This is the recipe for the bedtime drink:

Needed ingredients:

-One cucumber;
-One bunch- parsley;
-One teaspoon- ginger (grated);
-Half lemon;
-1/3 cup of water;

Mix all of the ingredients in a juicer and process well. That is all. It is ready for consumption. You should consume it on a regular basis before you go to sleep and your belly will be eliminated.
Stay hydrated with such drinks, choose the food wisely and exercise and it will surely become your habit. This amazing combination of powerful ingredients will help you to achieve the desired results faster.

Source > holisticlivingtips.com