What does Hyperpigmentation means?

Get Rid of Hyperpigmentation, Spots and Stains With This Natural Recipe With Only 2 Ingredients!

It presents a disorder, that is caused by overproduced melanin and it is characterized with skin’s dark areas and dark pigment. The cause for melanin disorders can be the pregnancy, sunlight exposure, trauma, aging or certain diseases that creates non-aesthetic brown spots(characteristic for benign disorder). There are external and internal reasons for disorders of the melanin. The internal ones are common for those with the tone of dark skin, and they are inborn, while the external causes are including the chemical exposure( estrogen, progesterone, betaxolol, sunlight and minocycline. Ultraviolet rays are the reasons for spots, stains and freckles ultraviolet rays, that can cause temporary or permanent discoloration.

Traumas or surgeries can also be the causes for hyperpigmentation and even the condition improves, the spots may remain.

Hyperpigmentation that is appearing during the pregnancy is known as “Melasma”.
It affects men too. It is known as ‘The mask of pregnancy’ and it appears on the face-skin as brown spots mostly on the cheeks and the nose. This disorder doesn’t cause any problem and usually it disappears after the pregnancy, by itself.

*Natural way to make a remedy for hyperpigmentation
All you need for this remedy is:
-1tsp –powdered turmeric
-1tsp –lemon juice

Mix the ingredients and apply them on the skin area that is affected, then leave the mixture to stay for fifteen minutes (until it gets dry)and after that rinse it with cold water. If you want the best results, you can do this one or two times a day and the best time to do this procedure is before you take shower. You should not expose your skin to sunlight after you have done this treatment.

If your skin is really sensitive, try to add water to the lemon juice or you can replace it with milk.

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