In order to get rid of diseases, one of the most important things is to cleanse your intestines of mucus, toxins, fecal deposits and other parasites.
Human’s body process around hundred tons of food and 40,000l of liquid. Did you know that?
And in the end there are more than thirty pounds of fecal deposits and waste that are damaging our body because our blood becomes poisoned by the toxins.

There are some conditions, such as diabetes, constant constipation, kidney and liver diseases, excessive weight, disrupted metabolism, poor condition of the skin, nails and hair and some other like cancer and arthritis, that are showing if our intestines aren’t working properly.

A small part of the colon(40-50cm) can be cleaned by a treatment named-enema, but flushing out the intestines can be harmful to the gut-flora and it is expensive, as well.

Get Rid of 30 Pounds of Harmful Toxins Accumulated in Your Colon With Just 2 Ingredients!

How to clean the colon form the accumulated toxins in a natural way?

It is the best for your health and the function of the colon if the waste materials are removed on a natural way.
If you consume 1-3tbs flaxseed flour your intestinal microflora will be preserved and you will completely clean the thick and thin intestine of accumulated toxins, parasites, mucus and fecal deposits in a period of 21 day.

This is effective for normalizing the weight, fat burning process and regulating the lipid metabolism.
This flour can reduce the cholesterol levels and eliminate the organism’s toxins.

You can use it if you have these indications:  Gastritis, stomach ulcers, colitis, urinary tract, the upper respiratory track’s inflammation, cystitis, variations in lipid metabolism and excessive body weight.

Instead of breakfast, consume this mixture in order to cleanse your colon in 3weeks only:

The 1st week, make a mixture of 1tbs flaxseed flour and 100ml of kefir.
The 2nd week you should mix 2tbs flaxseed flour and 100ml of kefir.
And the last week, the 3rd one, mix 3tbs of flaxseed flour and 150ml of kefir.

You can grind flax seed if you can not find flaxseed flour and it will be more effective if you use freshly grinded flax seed every morning.
It is important to consume big amount of water(2l a day) during the treatment and remember to perform this method of colon cleansing just once in a year.

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