Garlic is good in many different ways. It adds flavor to the dishes and it has numerous health benefits. It is great that you can grow it at home and get its benefits.

*Immune system*

Garlic is immune-boosting food.  It is shown in research that taking it on a daily basis can reduce cold and flu by 63 percent. It treats staph and strep infections and it can speed up the treatment of ear infections.

*Cardiovascular health*

It helps the body to deal the cholesterol. It will lower the risk of stroke and heart disease. It is also great for those who suffer from high blood pressure. It can lower hypertension up to 8 percent.

*Cancer prevention*

It has been found by researchers that consuming garlic as a regular part of the diet it can reduce the risk of liver cancer, colorectal cancer and stomach cancer.

How to grow it?

It isn’t hard to grow it at home. But you should remember to plant only organic garlic cloves because those ones in the supermarkets are chemically treated. Here is how to grow it at home:

-Plant the cloves before the ground freezes (around October (Northern hemisphere)) but if you garden it indoors, this will not matter.
-You should use fertile and loose soil. Top the soil with two to three inches of organic matter and make shallow furrows six inches apart.
-Set only the biggest cloves and use the smallest ones for cooking. Plant the cloves two inches deep and four inches apart. Place the pointer end to face up.
-After that, you need to fill the holes with dirt and water them. Add some compost or dead leaves and wait.
-When the plants start popping up, fertilize them and water them when the soil is dry 1inch below the surface.
-Notice how many leaves has each plant, and when they reach five or six leaves it is time to pull them up.
-You can eat them right away, clean them and place them in dry and cool place and store them in well-ventilated and dark spot.

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