There is nothing more refreshing than a watermelon slice during the hot days. This is a great treat and it also helps in losing weight. Your body can be kept trim with healthy watermelon servings.

Watermelons are a part vegetable and part fruit and it that order you get the best of both. It is also hydrating because 91% of it is water. It contains a substance- tripterpenoid that is acting as a painkiller. It is rich in Vitamin A, B6 and C. It is also rich in pottasium and you will get lycopene as much as you would get from a tomato.

*The watermelon diet

The watermelon is a great snack for losing weight for many reasons. For example, one cup of it contains 80 calories and there is no fat. It has fiber that keeps you feel full. The University of Kentucky and Purdue’s researchers have discovered that mice that consumed juice from watermelon had lower body weight and they get 30% less weight than the mice who didn’t had juice. Their results have been published by the Journal of Nutritional Biochemistry. It turns out that the body fat accumulation is prevented by the citrulline that is found in watermelons.

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You won’t be depleted on the watermelon diet because it is rich in vitamins and it keeps you from bloating.

You can follow the watermelon diet every day. You have to eat one slice of watermelon, sugar-free tea and one small piece of toast.

While you are on this diet you should keep yourself hydrated. Try to consume ten to twelve cups of water every day. If you add physical activity (walking) in your daily routine you will accelerate your weight loss process.

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