The Food and Drug Administration finally admitted that chicken meat contains arsenic that is a chemical which causes cancer. FDA and the manufacturers were avoiding to answer to this question, but now it is official. Chicken meat found in any supermarket in the US is having high amounts of arsenic.

The ugly truth is that manufacturers are feeding chicken with this dangerous chemical. Arsenic is linked with cancer and high doses of it can be fatal for those who are consuming it.


What is FDA saying about this problem?

Before 9 years the Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy warned everybody that over 70% of the chicken meat in USA is containing arsenic. This report was published under the name “Playing Chicken: Avoiding Arsenic”. Manufacturers are using arsenic because it supports weight gain, the meat gets healthier color, and saves a lot of money. The FDA has confirmed that nearly 50% of tested chicken meat contains huge amounts of this chemical and it’s mostly found in the livers.

Because of this, FDA demanded Pfizer to cease the production of Roxarsone, which is a drug that contains arsenic and was used for chickens to gain weight.
Pfizer confirmed that they will cease the production of 3-Nitro until the end of July, giving a space to manufacturers to switch to healthier treatments. We must mention that even if the product was discontinued, FDA refuses to admit that the amount found in chicken meat was cancerogenic, and in the same time they admit that arsenic is a carcinogen chemical.

In addition, mercury is also harmful chemical that is four times more poisonous than arsenic.
According to a recent study that was published in Journal of American Medical Association, persons who were consuming big amounts of rice that contains traces of arsenic without consuming other foods that contain arsenic, were having radical cellular changes that can be connected with the development of cancer.

Source: HealthAndLovePage