Belly fat is one of the problems that people have and sometimes losing weight can be really hard. But you should not worry, because there is a solution for this problem. According to the fitness experts this following exercise can replace thousand abs.
It is called- The plank. This exercise activates all of your muscles and you even don’t have to move your body. Everything you need to do is to hold your body in a line by holding on your elbows and your toes. It would help your abdomen to be tight and flat. If you suffer from back pain, this exercise is the solution for it because of the affected stomach muscles.
This exercise will be effective if you hold your body in a proper position.


Place your hands on the floor and keep straight the neck and shoulders. Even your stomach muscles are the main focus, your legs will be ‘’on fire’’ as well. For that purpose, your heels should be placed in a way so all the pressure will go on your toes. In order to activate the muscles on your lower body part, you should contract the muscles on your butt. Do not raise your butt in the air but keep it on a flat-line position and don’t forget that breathing is very important, as well, because it will help you to hold the position much longer. In order to stay in that position you can imagine that you have a glass of water that you have to keep it in balance and not spill out from your back.

Exercise That Is More Efficient Than 1000-abs: Do It For 60 Seconds a Day and Get a Flat Stomach In Just 30 Days!

After ‘’the plank’’, you can do this amazing exercise:

Your knees and hands should be placed on the floor by holding the back in a flat line and your shoulders little wider than the shoulder’s width apart. Look at some floor spot and keep straight the spine and neck along in flat line with the back. Make a pressure on the toes by placing the right leg on the floor. Repeat it with the left leg.
You should contract the muscles on the stomach and hold that position from 20- 60 seconds and then you should put your knees down and relax.
Repeat this amazing exercise 3 times in a row and after a while you may get till sixty seconds.

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