The health, relationships and prosperity in your home can be affected by the negative energy. In order to get rid of it, you should try natural methods.

The lime is the perfect ingredient for that. It neutralizes the bad energy, restores the harmony and improves the economy.

Lime has many health benefits. It provides great aroma that is good for the areas where we spend the most of our time and it eliminates negative energy.

Try the following methods:

-Get a basket (ceramic) and fill it with nine limes and place the basket in the fridge. Put eight lime around and one in the center for wealth;
-Boil lime skin in rainwater. It absorbs the negative waves around;
-Put three limes in three different areas in your home and replace them when they turn black;
-Put three limes in glass bowl on your night-table for love;
-Mix water and lime juice and place the mixture in a spray bottle. Spray it all over your house;
-Place limes in your pockets, jacket or purse and get them out in the night and watch them becoming dry. Throw them in the morning and use new ones;
-Cut lime on four parts, forming a cross in a plate. Make a circle of salt (grain) around the lime parts and place it under a bed, during the night. You shouldn’t touch the dish in the morning, just put it in a plastic bag and eliminate it away from your home. Repeat three days straight;
-Place three limes in your working desk or purse while you’re on work;

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