We live in a world full with different types of species and some of them are constantly bugging us, for example, mosquitoes and cockroaches.
They are everywhere and they are not just annoying, they can harm our health too. They spend time looking for food and land anywhere. But, they are hard to get rid of, especially the cockroaches. However, we will present you a natural remedy that can eliminate them for good.

There are numerous market products that claim that can destroy pests, but they contain dangerous chemicals and they are often not effective. For this reasons, it is recommended to remove them naturally with the following effective and simple method.

Needed ingredients:

-Half cup of shampoo;
-Half cup of vinegar;
-Half cup of vegetable oil;


Place the ingredients in a spray bottle. Shake well the bottle and spray it on the areas that are frequent by mosquitoes and cockroaches and soon they will be gone.
You can spray it through your entire home because it is not dangerous for the pets and family. You can also use it on the skin as natural repellent.

Source > healthylifevision.com