Turmeric is as beneficial as doing exercise. It keeps the cardiovascular system in excellent shape.

A number of studies have shown that turmeric is excellent for the health. It reduces the risk of a heart attack following bypass surgeries by an incredible 50 %. Turmeric contains curcuma, which is a polyphenol that stimulates the work of the heart.

In one study, there were 32 participants, all women in menopause and postmenopausal period. The participants were divided into three groups. One group ate curcuma, the other worked out and the third group didn’t do anything. The focus of the study were the function, health and elasticity of the vessels, and the lining of the endothelium of the vessels and what links them to atherosclerosis.

The curcuma group consumed 150 mg of turmeric on a daily basis and their diet was the same as previously.

The workout group went walking, cycling and did aerobics three times a week.

The study lasted for 8 weeks and the results of both groups were great, meaning both turmeric and workout are excellent for the health.

Working Out and Turmeric

This study can motivate everybody to start working out and eat turmeric. Moreover, turmeric is beneficial for more than 600 issues. However, exercise cannot be completely replaced by curcuma.

There is one more study about the effect that turmeric has on exercise and stress tolerance. This study included women, all postmenopausal with heart problems. The results of the study showed that when combined, curcuma and workout can decrease the ventricular issues.

Furthermore, turmeric can reduce the pain and inflammation caused by workout.

Source: www.organichealthuniverse.com