Digestion is a complex process, mainly because the digestive tract is complicated mechanism. Our body may not assimilate the needed nutrients from food and it results in deteriorated overall health. Some wastes and toxic substances accumulate in the body and cause numerous health problems, especially when our digestive process is affected.

You should do complete body detox at least two times a year and eat healthy food. In this way you will prevent problems and accumulation of toxins and waste.

Needed ingredients:

-Five cups of boiling water;
-150 grams of plums;
-150 grams of dates;


Add the dates and plums into the pot with boiling water and simmer for fifteen minutes. Remove it from heat and let it cool down. Consume one tbs. of the mixture in the morning on an empty stomach. It will improve the process of digestion and reduce many problems like constipation and eliminate toxic substances.

Try out this recipe and feel the difference!

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