According to the Chinese reflexology system, the feet have energy zones that are connected to important organs and systems in the body. The body can be cleaned of toxins through the feet and here are some ways how you can detox the body:

-Ionic foot bath-

It is similar to electrolysis that uses electrical current to make a chemical reaction. The pores are opened by the warm water and the salt acts as anti-inflammatory agent. The ions are absorbed in your feet and in that way it detoxifies the body. If the salt becomes dark, then, the method is working.

Here are some salt detox recipes:

*Salt detox*

-One cup of sea salt;
-One cup of Epsom salt;
-Two cups of baking soda;

Boil water in a pot and add the ingredients. Let them boil for a while. Fill the tub with warm water. Add apple cider vinegar and add the boiled mixture and more sea salt. You can also add essential oils. Soak for thirty minutes. It will detoxify the body, relieve irritation and increase the levels of magnesium.

*Clay detox*

-Half a cup of Epsom salt;
-Half a cup of bentonite clay;

Add hot water in the tub and add the Epsom salt and essential oils. Mix the clay with some water using wooden spoon and place it in the bath. Soak for twenty to thirty minutes and the body will be detoxified.

*Oxygen detox*

-One tbs. of dry ginger powder;
-Two cups of hydrogen peroxide;

Add warm water in the tub and add the ingredients. Soak for thirty minutes to detoxify the body.

*Foot detox pads*

It is great method for detoxification. You can find the pads in any health store and apply them on the soles before going to sleep. In the morning, remove them and the body will be cleaned of toxins.

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