We’re blessed that our mother nature gives us potent remedies for almost every health problem, but we should learn which one is suitable for which problem. The following fruit is number one when it comes to treating some health related issues. It can boost the metabolism, help regulate the blood pressure and prevent stroke. We are writing about dates. They are rich in numerous nutrients and offer many benefits and here are some of them:

*Weight management*

Dates can help you manage the weight. You can consume a couple of dates in the morning in order to lose weight. It can be a morning snack along with your coffee or tea, but you can also consume them after the breakfast. You should know that this fruit is rich in sugar, so eat it in moderation.

*Heart health*

In order to maintain proper health of the heart, you should put some dates in one glass of water and leave it overnight. Take them out in the morning and consume the liquid. It will prevent heart disease and boost the heart’s function.


The constipation is unpleasant feeling and it is a common problem and it makes a feeling of bloated. The dates can help you with this problem. Prepare the same drink as the previous one and only one glass of this drink can solve the problem as it has laxative properties.

*Blood pressure*

Dates contain potassium and magnesium which can regulate the blood pressure. Consuming five to six dates every day will provide you 80g of magnesium which will help you improve the blood flow.


The dates contain potassium which is helpful against diarrhea. The potassium can improve the microflora and the intestine’s function which is very important in the case of diarrhea.

*Cholesterol levels*

Dates can also help with the levels of cholesterol. They can regulate the cholesterol and clean the blood vessels.


The iron content in dates can help the red blood cells and hemoglobin to form. It makes and simplifies for the oxygen to transport. About hundred grams of dates provides 0.9mg of iron which is 11% of the recommended daily intake of iron.


The potassium content in dates strengthens the nervous system and prevent stroke.

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