Numerous people deal with high blood pressure and high levels of fat in the blood vessels. This is a result of consuming junk food and food that is high in fat. Some inherited disorders are considered as possible cause like stress, kidney disease, liver disease, alcoholism, diabetes and hypothyroidism. Some medications like blood pressure medicines, birth control pills and steroids can be reason for the high levels of fat.

Regular physical activity, less fat and healthy diet can clean fat buildup and the toxins from the body. It is important to increase the blood vessels’ elasticity. A mixture of garlic and lemon is used by the Russian folk medicine for ages. This mixture regulates the blood pressure and cleans the blood vessels. It also boosts the brain’s blood flow, improves the lipid contend and blood circulation and prevents cancerous cell formation.

*Healing tincture of garlic and lemon*

Needed ingredients:

-Four lemons (unpeeled);
-Four garlic cloves;
-Three liters boiled water;


At first, clean the garlic and cut the lemon into pieces. After that, pour the water over the garlic and lemons. Then, cover it and store it in the fridge for three days.


50 milliliters is the maximum dose for times daily before the meals. Blood vessel cleaning should be started with 1 to 2 tbs. and then, gradually increased.

The treatment should last for forty days and it is recommended to be conducted once per year, but first consult a doctor.

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