Drinking lemon water in the morning is very beneficial, and only few people are familiar with the right benefits of it. It is rich in potassium, vitamin C and B, flavonoids, antioxidants and protein. Drinking lemon water helps build the immune system and fight off infections as it contains magnesium, citric acid, calcium, pectin and bioflavonoids. When it is consumed on an empty stomach, it cleanses the body and removes the toxins.

Here are other benefits:

-Food poisoning can be avoided if you consume lemon water;
-You can reduce the alcohol craving by consuming lemon water;
-The potassium content in lemon prevent the oxalate formation and flushes the kidney stones out;
-Lemon water consumption during the meals will reduce the pain from the gall bladder stones;
-Lemon water consumption can treat and prevent constipation;
-Lemons have anti-inflammatory properties and can neutralize acidity and reduce inflammation;
-It can also clear the white spots from the nails and strengthen them;
-It will support the lymphatic system which work along with the immune system;
-Because of its content of vitamin C and antibacterial, antiviral and immunity-boosting properties, it can treat colds and flu;
-Lemon water consumption can help you deal with exhaustion and fibromyalgia along with doing some yoga stretches;
-As the lemon can balance the pH levels, they are great remedy for colitis;
-The pectin in the lemons will help you  keep the cravings in check and it will regulate the levels of blood sugar and accelerate the process of weight loss;
-It will help you to metabolize the acidic body temperature which will prevent acne appearance;
-Replace TUMS by using lemon water for GERD (gastroesophageal reflux disease);
-Reduce the pain from the sore muscles by consuming lemon water after your workouts;
-It can also reduce the uric acid in the joints and reduce inflammation. It is ideal for those who suffer from arthritis.

Source > besthealthyguide.com