Vegetables are very important for our health and they should be consumed every day. But they go bad very fast. The solution is to grow your own vegetables. Here are 10 vegetables that you have to buy only once and enjoy in them forever.


This crunchy and bright snack is versatile enough to be regrown from the carrot’s tops. Put the carrot tops in a dish with some water and place it in a well-lit room. The greens of the carrot are a little bitter but when chopped with some vinegar and garlic it can be used in salads.


Cut the base of the celery and place it in a saucer or shallow bowl in the sun. Its leaves will thicken and they will grow with time and after three days, plant it in soil.

*Romaine lettuce*

It can be grown from the bottom of the head of the lettuce. Put its stumps in a half inch of water and when the leaves and roots start to appear, you should replant it in the garden or soiled pot. The cabbages can be also regrown is the same way as the lettuce.

*Bok Choy*

Place its root-ends in water in well-lit area. Leave it for one to two weeks and after that, move it to a soiled pot. It will grow a full head of lettuce.

*Globe artichoke*

It is a member of the thistle family. You shouldn’t harvest them until they are purple fuzzy flowers. You need a sunny environment, well drained and moist soil. You should plant 24 to 36inches apart in rows around 36 inches apart. Fertilize the plant monthly with fertilizer (high-nitrogen). Harvest it in spring, but they have also a secondary peak in fall.


This vegetable is one of the most covered spring vegetables and it can produce up to twenty-five years. It isn’t a quick producer but it can end up providing green treats every year when they get established. You can plant its two-year old crowns or with seeds. The seeds need few years to grow and the crowns grow much faster. Make sure to plant it in a well-drained soil.


The scallions can re regrown by using unwanted roots. Just leave one inch of those attached to the root and put them in a glass of water. Place it in a well-lit room of moderate temperature. They are ready to harvest when they are 4 to 6 inches long.


This amazing vegetable, also known as vampire repellant, can be also regrown. The sprouts are going to regrow from the garlic cloves and they taste milder than the garlic and it can be added to salad, pasta, etc. Once they start to sprout, place them in a glass of little water. You should leave the glass outside or in a window and let the nature to do the rest. Once they are few inches long, you have to replant it in a soiled pot. In few days you will notice the leaves starting to sprout. Once the leaves become brown and they fall, it is ready for harvesting.
It is an interesting fact that just 1 clove can produce ten (or more) cloves for you.


You can regrow you own basil by the cutting of the basil. Place the clippings of the basil that have stems of three to four inches in glass of water and place them on sunlight. Once the roots grow two inches long, you should plant them in pots. After some time, they will grow in full-basil plant. In order not get slimy, change the water constantly.


Regrow a cilantro by placing the cilantro’s stems in a glass of water. Place the glass in a room with ample lighting and it will be grown in a few months.

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