An old saying says: ‘you are what you eat’. The digestive system is fragile mechanism and the food digestion process is complicated. If it’s impaired, the body can’t get the needed nutrients and as a result of that, the health may deteriorate. When the digestion is affected, the substances that are poisonous may accumulate in the body and cause numerous health issues. It is very important to have healthy diet and do body cleaning at least two times per year. The following method can avoid toxic substance accumulation in the body and avoid unwanted problems.

Here is how to empty your bowels in only two minutes:

Needed ingredients:

-Five cups of boiling water;
-150 grams of dates;
-150 grams of plums;


Boil the water and when it reaches the boiling point add the dates and plums. Simmer for fifteen minutes and remove it from heat. Let it cool down and consume 1 tbs. of it every morning on an empty stomach. You will feel much better in no time.

This amazing mixture will help you eliminate many digestion issues like constipation and it will improve the food digestion, as well, because it has high content of fiber. Try it and the results will amaze you.

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