We are all aware about the terrible effects of cigarettes and nicotine on our body. If you are avid smoker or you already quit smoking, the best thing you can give to your body is nicotine cleanse. There are many ways to do this, but we will show you the easiest, fastest, and most effective ways. This is the list of delicious and fresh ingredients that are going to help you.


  1. Lemon and kiwi

Smoking discards vitamins E, C, and A. These vitamins help your body to fight with germs and infections, and strengthen overall immunity. In order to supplement wiped vitamins you have to drink one glass of fresh lemon juice and eat one kiwi every morning.

  1. Vitamin water and green tea

A lot of fluids are lost while you smoke. This can lead to dehydration, which can trigger many health issues. Cleanse your body from nicotine by consuming large amounts of green tea or vitamin water.

  1. Orange juice

Everybody knows that fruits in general are very healthy for our body. Orange juice is refreshing drink that will cleanse your body from nicotine, and will provide you with the necessary vitamins. Squeeze two oranges, and add a little bit water. Drink the juice between meals.

  1. Fresh carrots

Nicotine has negative effect on your skin. It makes your skin lifeless and dry. To prevent this, you have to eat a lot of carrots. They are great source of vitamins B, K, A, and C, and. Carrots are the most effective cleaners of your body. You can mix them in a juicer with lemon and apple, or you can eat them fresh.

  1. Broccoli and spinach

Another nicotine cleanser is the folic acid. It’s very important for proper development and operation of the body. Great source of folic acid are broccoli and spinach. Also, they contain vitamins B5 and C, which will clean your body from nicotine.

Source: Healthy Food Star