Usually, when we want to eat something at night we think the best option is the raw honey. Do not worry, this cannot be bad at all – because honey has a great natural composition and every doctor is recommending to be consumed before going to sleep.

raw honey

In the book called “The honey revolution: Restoring the health of future generations”, the author Dr. Ron Fessenden, is describing the many uses of the honey and its ideal health benefits. In this book, the author is saying that we all should take honey several times a day, but the most important is the consummation before bedtime.

Raw honey helps in the quality and quantity of sleeping

The raw honey is containing an ideal proportion of fructose to glucose, which is supporting the liver – the organ that is working all the time, especially during the sleeping. Consuming honey is ensuring liver supply of glycogen during the day, and consummation of it is perfectly serving as a fuel through the night. Moreover, in combination with pure water, it is having detoxing and restorative effects.So, by taking 1 teaspoon of raw honey before bed, your liver will get the glycogen needed to deactivate the stress from the brain, and will break down the toxins which are stored in the fat cells.

Additional health welfares of honey

In order to have a restful sleeping night, the honey has a great benefits range which have been confirmed through time. Did you know that the honey never ever spoils? Honey have been found in the tombs in Egypt, standing there intact from the ancient times, after many hundreds years. This well-known sweeteners, is also anti-bacterial and anti-fungal, great for athletes and perfect to reduce a throat irritation.

An advice:

Always buy organic honey from some local farmers or organic food stores, if you want to feel the benefits from it, because every other honey you will find in the regular markets, is not a real made honey.

Source: HealthyHolisticLiving