Urinary Tract Infections or UTIs is a very painful and repetitive infection. Here, we are presenting you this natural antibiotic, which will help you to get rid of an UTI signs and inflammations.

Believe it or not, a UTIs are affecting half of the women all over the world in some lifetime period and are the reasons for eight millions doctors’ visits every year. The women are predisposed to UTIs that the men are, because of the shorter urethra. Moreover, the adult men are having growth of bacteria’s inhibitors which are directly injected in the urinary system because of the prostate glands.

UTIs symptoms:

  • Burn of the sensation during the urinating
  • The persistent of urge when pee
  • The urine looks cloudy
  • A frequent pass of small urine amounts
  • A very strong urine smell
  • Urine that is having red, cola or bright pink color
  • Pelvic pain for the women
  • Rectal pain for the men

Natural Antibiotic

Preparing ingredients:

  • 125 gr of lemon peel
  • 135 gr of parsley root
  • 125 gr of raw honey
  • 1 dl of olive oil

Preparing directions:

Chop the parsley root, then take some blender (or coffee grinder) and blend it good. After that, add the lemon peel and the olive oil. Blend again. Finished it with adding the raw honey and blend again till dissolving. Put it in a plastic/ wooden or ceramic bowl and leave that mixture in the refrigerator, for several hours.  Take a half teaspoon from the mixture each morning.

Extra tips:

Make sure the lemon and the honey you are using are organic and free of pesticide. In other cases the effects cannot be complete. Try to avoid the caffeine and the chocolate consummation, because they are stimulating the bacteria in the infections, and to slow down the healing process.


Source: Buy No-Gmo Seeds