The yoga is beneficial for the overall health because it reduces the blood pressure, improves the memory and relieves the stress. The following positions can be done on the bed which will ease the muscles and relieves the stress. It is very important to know a great stretch before you begin practicing yoga. Consult a doctor before you start these positions.

*Mindful meditation*

This exercise is excellent for people who want to relax before going to sleep. Sit comfortably and cross the legs. Relax the arms and strengthen to lengthen the spine. Inhale three times and focus on breathing.

*Forward bend*

You should sit on the bed and then, fold your body in a slow manner and move the fingertips to the toes.  If it is possible, reach the feet trying to touch the ankles, shins and thighs. Deepen the stretch with breathing out.

*Child’s pose*

Kneel on the bed and place the toes behind you. Spread the knees at hips width. Lean gradually downward until you are lying in the middle of your thighs. Keep the position as much as you can.

*Winding down twist*

Sit on the bed and cross the legs. Bend the body to the left and rotate the head to look over the left shoulder. Get back in the start position and take a deep breath. Do the same on the other side. This is great for the spine and upper body.

*Reclining goddess*

Lie flat on the bed and bend the knees. Place the soles near each other and place your hands by the body. If you feel cramping or strain, put pillows under the knees.

*Legs on the walls*

This pose will relieve the tension in the legs. Sit on the bed and face the wall. Lie on the back and stretch the legs to the wall. Place the arms by the side and face the palms down. While stretching, take a slow breath.

*Rock a bye roll*

This pose is very calming and stimulating. Lie on the back and move the knees towards your chest. The ankles should be crossed and place the arms around the shins. Then, move the body forwards and backwards and breathe out.

*Pigeon pose*

This is great for the tired legs. Place on hands and knees (shoulder width) and move the left knee forwards in the space that is between the hands. After that, extend the right leg behind you and breathe out. Bend the body above the knee. Keep that position as much as you can and then, switch legs.

*Easy supine twist*

Lie on the back and move the knees slowly to the chest and hold the knees behind with the left arm. The knees should be moved downwards to the bed on the left side. Follow the movement with the head and glance to the left. Keep the position for a while and then, switch sides.

*Fish pose*

Lie on the bed flat and put your hands under the hips. Rise with the chest gradually and stretch the head backwards slowly. Keep the position for a while and return to the start position. Do it again.

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