Buganvilia is a flower that is also known as Trinitaria, Veranera and Santa Rita, names given according to the belonging region. It is usually used for decoration at home. This flower grows on any soil and it can grow very high. It has striking and bright colors which makes it stand out from the others.

But, it is very important for you to know that it has many benefits for our organism. It has health and medicinal properties and in this article we will present some of them.

This amazing flower can decrease a dry cough and remove mucus from the upper respiratory tract (bronchi, pharynx and larynx). It can also decrease fever as its antipyretic effect is practically instantaneous. It can improve the respiratory system as it contributes to proper lung functioning.
It balances the digestive system, where the center stage takes its leaves and roots. The roots have laxative effect and the leaves are causing constipation.

This flower also promotes skin care as it has antiseptic properties which can fight desquamation, infections and acne. It also accelerates the healing. You should the wound in cold infusion made of the plant’s flowers. Those people who like to detoxify the body should use this plant as it can help cleanse the organism and make the liver and other organs work much better.

In order to prepare an infusion from bugambilia flower, you should get fresh flowers and wash them with a lot of cold water. Boil water and add the flowers in it. When the water changes its color, you should remove it from the heat and leave it aside for few minutes. Then, strain the liquid and add spoonful of honey. You should consume the infusion very hot.

Source > naturalcarebox.com