The spine has many functions in the body like protecting the spinal cord and nerves, holding you upright and supporting the weight. That is why we should all pay attention to its health.
You need to take proper care of it in order to have an optimal spine and back health and avoid damage and back pain.

If you are seated for long time you have more chances of back pain and spine damage. To avoid that you should follow the following useful tips that are presented in the video.
There are many factors that lead to back damage and pain. If the cause is the prolonged sitting, it can further cause problems with the bones, discs, muscles and joints.

Exercising is one of the best ways to treat the back pain. The effects from the following exercises in the video will impress you as they can treat the lower back pain and the pains that are associated with the back and spine.
These exercises won’t even take more than two minutes. The yoga instructor explains the importance of stretching the hamstrings from this purpose.

To perform them, you will need a strap. Use towel or large towel in case you do not have a strap. Pay attention to the breathing technique as proper breathing can help you release tension and relax the body.

Perform them every day for two minutes to improve the back and spine condition and reduce the awful pain.

Watch the video and see the how to perform the exercises. Do not forget to pay attention to the breathing technique.

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