Parsley is used by almost everyone to improve the taste of their meals but it also has other benefits. Let’s begin with the fact that it is very powerful diuretic that treats the infections of the urinary tract and many other health issues related to kidneys.

It also prevents water retention in our body which will help you to lose your extra weight.

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In the following you can find the recipe for parsley tea and this amazing drink is very popular. It will not just improve the urinary tract’s function but it will also help in the process of eliminating the excess water from the body. It is very easy and simple recipe to prepare.

Needed ingredients:

-5 parsley stalks (chopped);
-1 liter of water


Boil the water and add the parsley (chopped). Remove it from heat and let it stay for 25 minutes for the water to blend with the parsley’s healing properties. After that, strain the beverage and you can consume it.

The parsley is a potent diuretic and it helps to remove the harmful body substances, bacteria and toxins. It has antioxidants properties as it fights free radicals and with that it reduces the risk of developing cancer and other serious diseases. It is recommended to drink only one liter in one day. Even this drink is very beneficial and healthy, you shouldn’t exceed with its intake.

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