In this article, we will present you 8-hour diet plan that will help you lose few pounds and you are allowed to eat anything. You have to consume food for eight hours and fast for sixteen hours. You need to try to sleep for seven to eight hours. This diet plan is very simple and you will lose pounds without paying attention to the calories you eat.

This is how this plan can help you:

-It aids digestion. Many people sit while at work for long period of time and the body has difficulties digesting the food. This plan will give the body maximum time to digest the food.

-It burns more calories. The calorie intake is restricted to eight hours a day and the time between the last meal and your breakfast is increased. The body will burn the stored fats during this time.

-You need to get rest. The hours of fasting relax the body and then you need to stretch freely and rest.

-It prevents aging and diseases. The plan will stimulate the energy you have in the cells and you will reduce the intercellular damage and increase the energy. You will slow down the aging process and remove the increased risk of cancer, heart diseases and diabetes.

Start the day with cup of green tea or detox-tea. After that, take kale or banana smoothie with skimmed milk and wheat flakes. You can also take eggs and toast or something else if you are allergic to lactose. Before taking the lunch, consume watery fruit like watermelon or vegetable salad and four soaked almonds.

For your lunch, take veggie or tuna sandwich or tortilla wrap or baked fish and veggies and low-fat yogurt with fresh juice. After the lunch, you should take 1 apple or orange and dark-chocolate brownie. Take nachos, baked potato or popcorn with low fat mayonnaise as an evening snack.

For dinner, you should take lentil or chicken soup with fruit-custard, chicken kebab or grilled veggies with bread pudding or veggie-lasagna with cucumber juice. You can also have kidney beans with chapattis or glass of milk. Make the dinner at 6pm and don’t eat after that.

Include some exercising, at least three times a week.

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