Nowadays, many people have the problem how to lose the weight and most of all on the abdomen. In fact, there are also many diets who are very extreme and exercises how to get rid of the extra belly fat. Unluckily, many of them doesn’t work as they are said to be. If you are asking yourself why even when you are taking care of the daily meals you are taking and their nutrition value and even when you are doing a lot of workout, still there are no wanted results – here are the reasons for your doubt:

Reason N.1:


If you are sleeping less than 6 hours a day that can be connected with the weight problem. A research made on 80 000 women has shown that those who sleep 5 hours and less could gain 30 lbs.

Reason N.2:


Try to find out which exercises are good for you and right to do. Talk with your workout couch or take some advices from nutrition about your daily round, what are you consuming and how your body respond to it. They will help you with the right workouts for you and you will have the wanted results even after 2 weeks.

Reason N.3:


Your body changes can be reason for gaining weight.  As you getting older your metabolism is getting slower. Menopause can make belly changes to the women because of the hormones and estrogen decrease.

Reason N.4:


If you are having too much sugary drinks, crackers, white bread and chips you cannot lose weight for sure. They can only increase the body inflammation. Try changing them with vegetables and fruits.

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Reason N.5:

Debilitated facts

Gaining weight can be also associated with dispersion of false facts. These wrong information we can find on the back of the products we are buying and the meat that have properties of inflammation.

Reason N.6:


Often when you have a stress period you are consuming a lot of food with high calories and as a result of that your cortisol level is increasing.