Tea is the second most popular drink aside from water. You have probably noticed different types of teas in the store. Surely, you tried one or two kinds of tea, but do you know that drinking certain types of tea is very beneficial for your health?

black tea

Тeas and Health Benefits

  1. Black Tea

Black tea is very popular tea in the world. 75% of human population are consuming it. This tea is rich with theaflavins and therubigins, which are reducing the cholesterol levels in the blood. A research showed that 3 or more cups of black tea everyday will reduce the risk from stroke by 21%. Black tea is consisted of leaves from the plant Camellia Sinensis. The leaves are rolled before they are fermented, then dried and crushed in the end. This tea has bitter taste, and each cup of black tea has 40 mg of caffeine.

  1. Green Tea

The taste of green tea is much more delicate compared to black tea. It is made from the same plant, but the difference is that leaves are dried and heated to halt fermentation. Cup of this tea has 25mg of caffeine. Green tea is rich with antioxidants that are protecting you from heart diseases and cancer. A study have shown that one cup of green tea on a daily basis reduces the risk of cardiovascular issues for 10%.

  1. White Tea

White tea has mild flavor and contains only 15mg of caffeine per cup. Leaves from the plant are harvested before they open. This amazing tea protects the body from cardiovascular problems, and it is very helpful for people who suffer from diabetes.

  1. Herbal Tea

Herbal tea is a mix from dried flowers, fruits, and herbs. This is caffeine free tea and there is very little known about it. Don’t consume herbal teas that are designed for losing weight, because they can contain laxatives that are harmful for your health. A study have shown that 3 cups of hibiscus tea will reduce blood pressure cup of peppermint tea will sooth stomach, and cup of chamomile is good for sleeping.

Source: HealthDigezt