Gardening is not quick process in most cases. It takes time to prepare perfect spot and to grow your plant, but there are plants that grow fairly fast. If you don’t have much time during growing season or you want to become gardener, we will show you a list of crops that are growing very fast.


  1. Lettuce

Lettuce can be harvested in only 30 days. This is amazing crop that matures quickly. Inseminate new seeds every month for a continuous harvesting, and you will have these amazing leafy greens through the whole year. Lettuce prefers colder temperatures, 50-60 degrees is perfect environment for this plant.  It can also grow indoors, so if you are short on space, and have a sunny windows, you can keep it inside. Lettuce likes to be grown in containers, and there is no problem if it’s crowded. You can sow the seeds close together as long as you are not inseminating types of lettuce that are producing a round head.

  1. Radish

Radishes are harvested for 25 days. They ask for very little space, grow really fast, and they come in many varieties (over 200). These plants grow perfectly in containers, prefer full sun, but there are also types that ask of partial shade. They can be planted in spring and fall. In countries where the climate is warmer, they should be planted during the winter.

  1. Spinach

Spinach can be harvested in about 45 days. If you want baby spinach leaves, you can harvest the spinach after 30 days. The smaller leaves are rich with flavor, regardless of the type of the spinach. You need to harvest the bigger leaves at the base of the plant, which will allow for the smaller to grow faster. This plant is similar to lettuce, so it asks for cooler temps, or it can be planted in the shade when its summer. It grows very good in containers and it doesn’t ask for big space in your garden.

Source: UrbanOrganicGardener