You shouldn’t wait for a check-up to see if cancer is present. Detect your body changes like odd and unexplained signs. Here are the most common:

-A short breath or wheezing can be a sign of lung cancer;
-If there is chest pain and chronic cough as some of the cancers like leukemia and tumors are causing bronchitis imitation or coughs. Some of the cancers (lung cancer) cause chest pain that goes down the shoulder and arm;
-Often occurs to get infections and fever and that can be cancer of the blood- leukemia where the blood cells are infected where the bone marrow. This condition creates white blood cells and removes the energy and the shields of the body;
-If you have a hard time swallowing it could be esophageal or throat cancer that can go together with the lung cancer;
-The swelling in groin, armpits, neck and lymph nodes means that there is an affection of the lymph system and it can be cancer;
-Many bleeding and bruises that do not stop mean abnormal issues. If the red blood cells are affected, then it is leukemia and with the time the leukemia cells increase more than the red blood cells and the blood can’t transfer enough clot and oxygen;
-The weakness and the fatigue isn’t scary but if it repeats all the time it can be some type of cancer that hasn’t obvious signs. Visit a doctor of you feel tired for no reason;
-The bloating and the abdomen weight gain is usual for women with ovarian cancer and these signs happen all out of a sudden;
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-The low appetite and the satiety is another sign for cancer (ovarian) as women reported to have less appetite than they usually have;
-The abdomen pain and the pelvic pain that go with bloating could mean ovarian cancer. Also the leukemia is causing this from the spleen enlargement;
– A rectal bleeding or a bloody stool can be a result of colorectal cancer and as soon as you see a blood on the TP, you should visit a doctor;
-A not usual weight loss can be a sign of digestive organ cancer or a rectal cancer. It may spread to the liver and reduce the appetite as the body can’t expel the waste material;
-A belly acnes and upset belly may be a sign of colorectal cancer;
-Swollen, red and sore breasts is a sign of breast cancer;
-A change in the nipples is the most common change before the final diagnosis. The nipple may be sideways, flat or inverted;
-Strange and painful periods or spotting in the between period may be uterus cancer. If you have heavier periods you should do a trans- vaginal ultrasound;
-Red or swollen face may be a sign of small lung tumors that block the blood vessels and in that way the blood flow does not reach the face;
-A sore, bleeding or crusty lump may be a sign of melanoma (skin cancer) or squamous cell carcinoma/ basal cell melanoma. You should check every your tiny skin area;
– Changes in the nails can indicate a cancer. The blackish and brown dots under the nail may indicate skin cancer. The nail curving down the finger may be a lung cancer, but not certainly. If the nails are too whitish or pale it may be liver cancer;
-A back pain and a lower back pain on the right side can indicate a liver cancer. These signs can be also for a breast cancer because the tumor is pressing back to the ribs and spine or chest.

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