Kombucha or, as the Chinese called it, the “immortal health elixir”, is the most popular health remedy in the Far East. It is a stunning medicament that started about 2000 years ago.  Kombucha is fermented drink that consist dark tea and natural sweetener, which is used as effective nourishment.

kombucha drink

Its supplements are very beneficial for:

  • improving digestion
  • losing weight
  • preventing cancer
  • reducing joint pain
  • supporting immunity
  • increasing energy
  • cleansing and detoxifying the body

Reasons to consume this beverage:

  1. Body detoxification: this drink is containing measures of glucuronic acids, responsible for the process of removing the poisons from the body.
  2. Cells reinforcements: this mixture is containing agents who are preventing cancer and many other powerful vitamins and minerals with high abilities of cell reinforcement.
  3. Vitality: the iron discharged from the dark tea is building the hemoglobin levels and is enhancing the oxygen steam to the tissue.
  4. Immunity: the powerful content of Vitamin C is bolstering the immunity system.
  5. Gastric ailments: kombucha is having high abilities to mend the gastric ulceration.
  6. Obesity: it aids regulate the digestion system that assists with reduction of the weight.
  7. Constipation: the Kombucha tea is helping calm the blockage with restoration of the intestinal verdures.
  8. Diabetes: it is declining glucose levels who are diminishing in the diabetic rats.
  9. Kidney toxicity: it takes out kidneys harm that is brought about by the ecological toxins, and is good for patients with ill effect of renal weakness.
  10. Endothelial function: the cell reinforcements in the kombucha are helping an advanced recovery of the cell dividers in the veins.
  11. Atherosclerosis: it helps the patients with high cholesterol levels to lower the LDL cholesterol levels and to raise the HDL cholesterol levels.
  12. Anemia: the kombucha acids are making the iron plants more reachable to the body.
  13. Liver function: is taking care about the liver toxins.
  14. Nervous system: the amino acids from the kombucha are helping the sensory system to function properly.
  15. Asthma: it contains theophylline that is a bronchodilator to the patients with asthma issues.


Source: HealthyFoodHouse