The estrogen dominance has become a hot topic lately. Many people learn to read the symptoms and signs of this condition and many are wondering what to do if they suspect they suffer from it. The following protocol will help you to get your hormones in balance and it can be used by women and men.

These are the top ten estrogen dominance symptoms:

-Trouble sleeping;
-sluggish metabolism;
-thyroid dysfunction;
-hair loss;
-brain fog;
-weight gain (especially abs and hips);
-low libido;
-bad PMS (headaches, mood swings, breast swelling/tenderness);
-abnormal menstrual periods;

1st step: remove xenoestrogens

There are harmful chemical compounds that we involve in our daily routine and one of them is ‘xenoestrogen’ that mimics estrogen in our body. People are being bombarded every day with it so it is no wonder that numerous people suffer from estrogen dominance.

These are some of the offenders:

-Soy protein isolate, birth control pill, dryer sheets, BPA cans, tap water, non-organic dairy produce, toiletries, makeup and cosmetics, plastic Tupperware and plastic water bottles.

2nd step: ensure efficient elimination

It is good to want to eliminate the excess estrogen from the body but what if you are chronically constipated? That is how it will re-enter the bloodstream, circulate in the body and continue to cause many problems. This step is important before starting to take estrogen and liver detoxification supporting supplements. You should make sure you have daily bowel movements. But if you don’t have, you should try this:

-Supplement with Triphala or magnesium citrate to promote bowel movements;
-Add a fiber scoop to your parfait, oatmeal or smoothie;
-consume probiotic foods like tempeh, plain yogurt, kefir, miso, sauerkraut and kimchi;
-Eat a half plate of vegetables at each of your meals;
-consume two to three liters of water on a daily basis;

To get rid of it through all of the body pathways, you should follow these tips:

-You should use dry skin brush to eliminate the dead cells of the skin;
-Sweat through exercise or you can sit in a sauna to eliminate the toxins;
-Support the lymph by going for a massage;
-Support the lungs by taking deep breaths;

3rd step: support the estrogen detoxification and the lover health

The liver that functions well helps in removing the excess estrogen from the body. During the 1st phase of detoxification, the liver turns the estrogen that is harmful into weaker, milder forms of estrogen. In the 2nd phase, the liver turns that weaker form of estrogen in a water-soluble form and in that way it can be excreted through the stool and urine.

Supporting the 1st and 2nd phase detoxification is crucial, but there are 2 main instances where this wouldn’t be possible:

-If the liver isn’t receiving all the nutrients that it needs to fulfill the 1st and 2nd phase;
-If some other chemicals compete for liver function like junk food, drugs or alcohol;

This is what you should to do to support the function of the liver:

-Consume whole-foods based diet, drink a lot of filtered, clean water, avoid processed food, avoid overeating, avoid alcohol abuse, consume foods that support the liver(cruciferous vegetables, eggs, shallots, leeks, garlic, onions, artichoke, dark leafy greens, dandelion green and beets), supplement with botanicals that support the health of the liker (burdock, red clover, wild yam, ginger, licorice, rosemary, gentian, Oregon grape root, barberry, dandelion root and milk thistle), supplement with nutrients that support detoxification (Folic acid, vitamin B6 and B12, calcium-D-glucarate, indole-3-carbinol, sulforaphane, DIM).

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